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Text Archive - DEA

Text Archive - Dea

The archive conserves integral texts of news transmitted by ANSA since 1981 up to the 24 hours of the day before consultation. The database contains 22 million news stories and is organised into over 60 themed archives, divided into five macro-categories: general news and selections, regional news, specialised news, news in different languages and services created by the newsroom.
Accessible via internet and consultable on the ANSANews browser and ANSAFoto portal.

Photographic Archive

ANSA Archive

Over 6 million digital images that have documented the main national and international events since 1995: politics, economy, sports, entertainment, current affairs, and science. This archive is a fundamental iconographic resource for traditional and digital media, central and local public administration, large corporations, professionals, and universities.

Third Party Archives

The new portal ANSAFOTO contains and distributes ANSA images and approximately 9 million photos of prestigious national and international agencies. 100 thousand news photos every month from 13 partner agencies, including De Agostini Picture Library, Nippon News, DPA Picture Alliance, Unimedia, Abaca, Zuma Press, Archivi Farabola, London News Pictures, S&M Studio, Alinari, Universal Images, Ambrosetti, Estadao, L’Osservatore Romano.

Historic Archive

A million and a half of black and white as well as colour photos taken from the 40s up to 1995 (year of definitive move over to digital). Negatives, plates and slides containing the historic memory of 200,000 events which occurred in Italy and throughout the world. A unique heritage, declared to be of great historic interest by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.