Soccer: Juve bidding to win CL says De Ligt

TopNews. Juventus are aiming to win "everything" including their third European Champions title next season, new signing Matthijs de Ligt said in his first media conference Friday.


Soccer: Trezeguet fined for drunk driving

TopNews. Former Juventus and France star David Trezeguet was fined for drunk driving in Turin Wednesday night, police said Thursday. He also had his license confiscated. The Juve brand ambassador, 41, was reported to have argued with police.

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Before his death July 11 says Gisotti

Pope phoned Vincent Lambert's mother

Pope Francis phoned the mother of Vincent Lambert before the July 11 death of the French former nurse left in a vegetative state by a car crash 11 years ago to voice his sympathies with her, interim Vatican press office head Alessandro Gisotti said Friday.

VaticanGisotti, Centofanti deputy Vatican media editorial chiefs

Vatican: Bruni named new press office chief

Pope Francis has named Matteo Bruni new director of the Holy See's press office starting from July 22, the Vatican said Thursday.

Itinerary to be released by end July - Il Sismografo

Pope Francis to visit Japan, Thailand at end November

Pope Francis is to visit Japan and Thailand at the end of November, Vatican watching website Il Sismografo said Wednesday. The itinerary will be released by the end of July, it said.

'Let's not build society that rids people deemed not worthy'

Every life has value says pope on Lambert

Every life has value, Pope Francis said Thursday after the death of Vincent Lambert,a French tetraplegic in a vegetative state who was taken off life support by judicial order earlier this week.

Amid Lambert case in France

Pray for those left to die - pope

Pope Francis on Wednesday urged the faithful to pray for those who are left to die amid the case of French tetraplegic Vincent Lambert for whom judges have ordered the suspension of feeding and hydration.

No one can shirk form helping them says at commemorative Mass

Migrants people not social issue says pope

Migrants are people and not a social issue, Pope Francis said Monday.

Don't exclude anyone says in video message

World ever more cruel to migrants - pope

The world is ever more cruel towards migrants, Pope Francis said in a video message ahead of World Migrant and Refugee Day on September 29.

Universiade 2019

Russian delegation sends appreciation

Sergey Seyranov writes to Commissioner Basile


Universiade a success for hospitality

Naples Federalberghi president satisfied with results


De Luca says he's proud of Universiade success

Campania governor says sporting facilities must now be maintained