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First Italian probed for enlisting in Ukraine

Genoese man, 19, mercenary alongside resistance forces

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 10 - The first Italian has been placed under investigation for enlisting to fight alongside Ukrainian combatants in Ukraine's war against the Russian invasion.
    Kevin Chiappalone, 19, from Genoa, is a sympathizer of the far right group CasaPound.
    Genoa's anti-mafia and anti-terrorism prosecutor Marco Zocco has accused him of being a mercenary who joined the Ukrainian International Brigade.
    He risks a jail term of 2-7 years.
    DIGOS security police began their probe into Chiappalone after he told the newsweekly Panorama that he wanted to got and fight to defend Ukraine after hearing Russian President Vladimir Putin say he planned to "de-Nazify" the country.
    Many Italians are believed to have gone to Ukraine to help it fend off Moscow's invasion.
    Previously, some Italian mercenaries were reported to be fighting alongside pro-Russian forces in the eastern and Russian-speaking breakaway Donbass region where fighting has been the fiercest of late. (ANSA).


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