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Don't vote for pro-gay, pro-migrant parties - priest

Clergyman gives the faithful voting guidance

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 23 - A priest in the town of Sona, near Verona, has published an eight-page pamphlet in which he warns the faith against voting for parties that back gay rights, drug liberalization and a soft stance on migration.
    "It is necessary to chose a party that is not among those that promote the Zan bill (against homophobia), a law that kills freedom," read the pamphlet by Don Giorgio Zampini.
    "It is important to choose those parties that defend life, that are against violence on children, that do not open the way to surrogate parenthood, that do not approve laws that legalize soft drugs and the cultivation of cannabis".
    He said that, while solidarity was an important value, parties should not encourage "mass immigration," saying this leads to modern forms of slavery. (ANSA).


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