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We'll govern for everyone, won't betray trust-Meloni

This is just a starting point says FdI leader

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 26 - Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader Giorgia Meloni said early on Monday that a future centre-right government would not betray the trust the Italian people have bestowed on it, with the FdI-led alliance projected to land a big win in Sunday's general election.
    "This is a time for responsibility," said Meloni, who looks set to become Italy's first woman premier.
    "This a time in which, if you want to be part of history, you must realize that we have a responsibility towards millions of people who chose us. We won't betray it, like we never have.
    "If we are called on to govern the nation, we will do it for everyone, to unite a people, by making the most of what unites, rather than what divides.
    "We are not at a finishing line but a final destination. As of tomorrow, we must show what we are worth".
    She said she was "sorry" about the fact that Italy's turnout was the lowest ever in a general election.
    "The challenge is to get people believing in the institutions again," she said.
    "Too many Italian choose not to trust. It is necessary to rebuild the relationship between State and citizen". (ANSA).


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