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Meloni, Draghi call for unified EU response on gas prices

Germany's 200-billion-euro shield raises concerns

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 30 - Outgoing Premier Mario Draghi and Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader Giorgia Meloni, who looks set to succeed him, both called for a unified EU response to soaring gas prices ahead of Friday's extraordinary European Energy Council meeting.
    The appeals came after Germany's announcement that it would borrow 200 billion euros to soften the impact of high energy prices following the Russian invasion of Ukraine raised concerns that Berlin was set to go it alone, denting hopes of a EU-wide response.
    Italy is among 15 EU States calling for a gas-price cap, but Germany is among the countries that are not keen due to fears about the possibly of this move leading to shortages.
    "Europe must remain united, avoiding market distortions," Draghi said.
    Meloni echoed those sentiments after speaking to Draghi on the telephone.
    "An immediate response from Europe is needed to protect firms and families," said Meloni, whose FdI spearheaded the right coalition to victory in Sunday's general election here.
    "No one can go it alone. I hope good sense and speed prevail".


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