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Russia cuts gas to Italy by 15%

Gazprom doesn't give reason or say how long cut will last

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 15 - Russia on Wednesday cut its daily gas supplies to Italy by 15%, fuels giant Eni said after being informed by Russian energy giant Gazprom.
    Eni said Gazprom had not given a reason for the reduction, and did not say how long it would last.
    Italian officials have said there are sufficient stocks to offset any reduction in gas supplies.
    The Italian government has "moved rapidly" to diversify suppliers by scrambling to set up alternatives with countries like Algeria, Angola, Congo, Libya, Egypt, Israel and Mozambique, Premier Mario Draghi said recently.
    Rome is trying to wean itself off Russian gas, which currently accounts for 40% of total gas imports. (ANSA).


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