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Ukraine: Superpower wants to impose its will - pope

'Reciprocal blackmail covers voice of humanity invoking peace'

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 14 - A superpower wants to impose its will in Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Pope Francis said Tuesday.
    "The war in Ukraine has joined the regional wars that have been reaping death and destruction over the last few years", he said in a message for the Day of the Poor.
    "But here the picture is more complex due to the direct intervention of a superpower, which intends to impose its will against the principle of the self-determination of peoples.
    "Scenes out of tragic memory are being repeated and yet again reciprocal blackmail by some powerful (nations) covers the voice of humanity which invokes peace".
    The pope also turned his attention to the plight of the low paid on the International Day of the Poor.
    "Work without a fair wage and fair hours is slavery", he aid.


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