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    • 16:41
    • 26 Sep

    Orban sends letters to Meloni, Salvini, Berlusconi

    'Working together to restart economy, to ease the energy crisis'
    • 17:07
    • 24 Sep

    Hungary says it will continue to give visas to Russians

    Minister of Foreign Affairs said
    • 09:29
    • 23 Sep

    Hungary commends cooperation with Russia on energy

    Goal to 'avoid limitations on use of oil, gas"
    • 14:43
    • 22 Sep

    Ukraine: Orban, sanctions against Russia must be lifted

    To avert a potential recession and energy crisis
    • 12:50
    • 22 Sep

    COE, the Italian minority in Slovenia is well protected.

    Report: 'With Hungarian one, it enjoys special recognition.'
    • 14:12
    • 20 Sep

    Measures on rule of law in due time: Hungary

    It won't be before mid-November.EU states should be constructive
    • 12:07
    • 19 Sep

    EU wants to suspend Hungary financing as it awaits reforms

    Budapest promised series of laws aimed at easing the conflict
    • 18:54
    • 16 Sep

    Serbia-Hungary: Orban in Belgrade, from Vucic high honor

    For his significant contribution to building relationships
    • 14:42
    • 15 Sep

    EU lawmakers say Hungary no longer a 'full democracy'

    But "a hybrid regime of electoral autocracy"
    • 11:38
    • 09 Sep

    Energy: Hungary against price cap

    Statement before entering the Energy Council
    • 09:17
    • 08 Sep

    Migrants: NGO reports increased violence at Hungarian border

    'Police shaved a man's head and drew a cross on it'
    • 17:13
    • 31 Aug

    Hungary: new contract with Gazprom, +5.8 mln cubic meters

    'On daily basis, in addition to existing flow':Orban's spokesman
    • 12:11
    • 31 Aug

    Hungary: half of spas might close due to energy prices

    Due to 260% increase in energy prices