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    • 13:13
    • 28 Jun

    Kosovo: PM Kurti will not allow a new 'Republika Srpska'

    Idea is "unacceptable" to Pristina
    • 16:43
    • 24 Jun

    Two budding Islamist terrorists 'planned Italy attack'

    Pair allegedly wanted to stage bombing in name of IS
    • 14:43
    • 21 Jun

    EU: Kosovo and Serbia adopt energy agreement

    "Major step forwards": Lajcak
    • 14:39
    • 13 Jun

    Frontex: three times more migrants on Balkan Route

    40,675 illegal crossings detected between January and May
    • 16:43
    • 10 Jun

    Kosovo: Scholz, dialogue crucial to reach a deal with Serbia

    'Two countries that do not recognize each other cannot join EU'
    • 15:50
    • 31 May

    Kosovo: Vucic, a compromise agreement is needed

    'A crucial problem, but Pristina has no interest in a solution'
    • 12:43
    • 18 May

    Kosovo:Special Court jails veterans for witness intimidation

    Their actions were "criminal and not patriotic"
    • 13:01
    • 05 May

    Kosovo: Vucic, talks with Kurti 'very, very difficult'

    Serbian president on meeting with Kosovo PM in Berlin
    • 22:19
    • 03 Apr

    Pro-Russian Vucic to triumph in Serbia

    Presidential, legislative and local government turnout soaring