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    • 15:12
    • 01 Dec

    EU proposes to suspend some asylum rules on Belarus border

    Four months the time limit for ruling on an application
    • 19:36
    • 22 Oct

    EU chief says no funds for 'barbed wire, walls' on borders

    Despite demands from a string of countries
    • 12:37
    • 13 Oct

    Industrial production down by 1.6% in euro area in August

    Largest monthly decreases in Germany, Estonia, and Slovakia
    • 11:21
    • 21 Sep

    Migrants: Lithuania, grateful for help but solutions needed

    "Third countries instrumentalising migration"
    • 11:45
    • 17 Sep

    EU: inflation up to 3.0% in the euro area

    Highest annual rates were recorded in Estonia, Lithuania Poland
    • 13:56
    • 16 Sep

    China criticises Slovenian PM over support to Lithuania

    Dispute over Taiwan opening a de facto embassy in a EU country