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Ukraine: Vatican brings 250,000 euro aid to Poland

Card.almsman Krajewski,thank you. Thermal meshes and generators

08 January, 14:40
(ANSA) - VATICAN CITY, 08 GEN - "Thank you because this Christmas was truly Christian." In a video, Cardinal Almoner Konrad Krajewski expressed his gratitude to all those who participated in the past weeks in the solidarity campaign that enabled the purchase of thermal shirts and electric generators for the people of Ukraine. "Your generosity has been incredible: we have reached 250,000 euros to date, and it is still not finished. For a few more days you can do this collection," says the cardinal. In December he himself brought T-shirts to Kyiv and other cities: "Thousands of T-shirts have already been brought. In particular, me with the van, but also three trucks have come to Poland and from Poland to Lviv and other war zones." With the amount collected, says Krajewski, "we have also been able to buy generators, which are needed to survive in this difficult weather, where the temperature goes below zero." (ANSA).

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