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    • 11:23
    • 26 Jul

    Slovenia: twelve miners injured in Velenje

    At the only coal mine operating in the country
    • 16:51
    • 25 Jul

    Mittelfest, music without borders starring at the festival.

    Paolo Fresu on stage in a performance inspired by P. P. Pasolini
    • 12:31
    • 25 Jul

    Slovenia: wildfires, situation on Kras still under control

    But authorities warn people not to travel to the area
    • 19:25
    • 24 Jul

    Slovenia: wildfires on Kras appear to be under control

    Today President Pahor and PM Golob in the area
    • 19:04
    • 23 Jul

    Mittelfest, a bridge between peoples in a war-torn scenario.

    Focus on the global issues at the festival opening in Cividale
    • 18:44
    • 23 Jul

    Summer: 'red dot', A4 reopening was 'providential'

    180,000 vehicles expected today. Bound to FVG, Slovenia, Croatia
    • 10:43
    • 23 Jul

    Firefighting aircrafts from Romania are expected in Slovenia

    A Croatian Canadair also operating in Kras
    • 07:55
    • 23 Jul

    Slovenia: firefighters are still battling wildfires in Kras

    Residents of many villages forced to spend night outside homes
    • 18:31
    • 22 Jul

    Slovenia: wildfire raging, evacuations near Italian border

    After winds changed direction
    • 18:03
    • 22 Jul

    Environment:Slovenia to attend Sustainable Development Forum

    Upper Adriatic.Meeting between FVG councilor and minister Brezan
    • 14:39
    • 22 Jul

    Moscow: Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Greece 'unfriendly'

    List updated by the Kremlin
    • 08:41
    • 22 Jul

    Slovenia: wildfires under control after difficult night

    However, there are worries about winds picking up in afternoon
    • 13:41
    • 21 Jul

    Slovenia: wildfires in Kras intensify again

    Another three villages are being evacuated
    • 10:11
    • 21 Jul

    Slovenia: fire contained to two locations, fear for winds

    Evacuees returning home, firefighters still working
    • 08:34
    • 21 Jul

    Slovenia: media, 'biggest fire in national history'

    Daily newspapers reported on devastating wildfires in Kras
    • 18:57
    • 20 Jul

    In Tarvisio, No Borders Music Festival and Ein Prosit Summer

    From Friday, dinners with starred chefs, wine stories, and music