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Ukraine: Danieli, no production of war material

The company replies to criticism from Ukraine's defense ministry

21 June, 15:34
(ANSA) - UDINE, JUN 21 - "The activities of the Danieli Group do not even contemplate the direct production of war material, and the contracts we enter into never provide for the involvement in customers' production choices." Danieli Group wrote in a statement issued today after yesterday the Ukrainian Defense Ministry on its official Twitter account had criticized the Friuli-based and Italian giant company, claiming that it "still collaborates with Russian plants, supplying equipment to produce nuclear submarines and tank armor." The group underlines that it has "put in place all measures necessary to bring its activities into line with the measures adopted by Italy and the European Union' following the war. "These measures - the statement reads - have been applied without delay to persons, entities, and companies subject to the sanctions'.

In addition, "the company is committed to the humanitarian crisis and provides concrete help to the population involved in the War in Ukraine. The employees working in the Danieli Group's technical office in Dnipro, currently closed, have been brought to safety, along with their families. Furthermore, the company has arranged transportation and accommodation for about 100 people at the Danieli Campus in Friuli Venezia Giulia." Finally, the company "to protect the corporate image and any shareholder interests, therefore, warn against the further publishing false or falsely relevant news'. (ANSA).

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