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G7 summit great success, unity on Ukraine says Draghi

EU will accelerate on gas price cap says PM after summit

28 June, 18:05
(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 28 - This week's Group of Seven summit was a great success because it showed unity and cohesion on helping Ukraine defend itself from the Russian invasion, Italian Premier Mario Draghi told a press conference Tuesday. "This G7 has really been a success, our countries have reaffirmed their full and great cohesion, great unity of views in particular on the war in Ukraine and its consequences," he said. He told the press conference at the summit venue, Elamu Castle in Germany, that the G7 would do whatever it takes to help Kyiv repel Moscow's aggression. Draghi added that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said "we are near the moment of truth" on the Ukraine grain crisis to see if Ukraine and Russia want to make a deal on letting grain out of the ports. "The situation must be swiftly unblocked in order to put the new crops into grain silos," said Draghi. Draghi also said the EU would "accelerate" on Italy's request to put a cap on Russian gas prices. "All the leaders agree on the need to limit funding for (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, but also to remove the causes of inflation. We gave an urgent mandate to the ministers on how to apply a price cap on gas and oil. The EU will hasten its work on the gas price cap, a decision we welcome". Draghi added that Putin would not attend the upcoming G20 meeting personally but might intervene remotely. (ANSA).

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