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COE, the Italian minority in Slovenia is well protected.

Report: 'With Hungarian one, it enjoys special recognition.'

22 September, 12:50
(ANSA) - STRASBOURG, 22 SET - The Italian minority, along with the Hungarian minority, is the best protected by laws and enjoys the most 'advantages in Slovenia. That was revealed in the latest report of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, a body of the Council of Europe.

Italian and Hungarian minorities are the only ones recognized as "national communities" in the Slovenian Constitution, unlike the Roma community, German-speaking groups, and Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, and Serb minorities. This recognition offers them advantages the committee would like to extend to other communities.

For example, in municipalities where Italian and Hungarian minorities live, all public bodies are required to communicate and work in Italian or Hungarian when requested or when a person, not just a member of a minority, uses either language.

All this also applies to judicial proceedings. Furthermore, administrative forms, procedures, deeds, websites, and building signs are bilingual, and civil servants receive a bonus for bilingualism. In addition, the Slovenian state, through the Ministry of Culture, continues financially supporting cultural programs proposed by Italian and Hungarian minorities. In 2021, allocations amounted to 485,630 euros for the Hungarian cultural program and 356,191 euros for the Italian one.

Finally, Italian is the only language taught at all levels and also the one that enjoys the most significant number of hours of television and radio programming through a specific channel of the public broadcaster. In this regard, the Italian minority informed the Advisory Committee of the difficulties in recruiting Italian-speaking journalists, a point on which Strasbourg recommends that the Slovenian authorities make progress. (ANSA).

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