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Medvedev, nuclear power to protect annexed territories

Guteress criticizes the annexation referendum

22 September, 17:45
(ANSA) - ROME, 22 SET - "Referendum will be held and the republics of Donbass and other territories will be annexed to Russia. The protection of all the territories that have joined will be significantly strengthened by the Russian Armed Forces.

Russia has announced that not only mobilization capabilities, but also any Russian weapon, including strategic nuclear weapons and weapons based on new principles, will be able to be used for such protection." Security Council Vice President Dmitry Medvedev writes on Telegram, warning that "the hypersonic is able to achieve goals in Europe and the United States much faster".

And the secretary general Antonio Guterres spoke at the UN on the issue. "I am deeply concerned by the news about plans to hold referendum in areas of Ukraine that are not currently under government control. Any annexation of the territory of one state by another state resulting from the threat or use of force constitutes a violation of the United Nations Charter and international law". (ANSA).

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