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Kosovo: Serbian newspaper publishes ten-point agreement

Belgrade government meeting tomorrow, Vucic will also attend

22 January, 23:14
(ANSA) - BEOGRAD, 22 GEN - The Belgrade daily Danas today published on its online site what it presents as the updated text of the Franco-German proposal for an agreement between Belgrade and Pristina to resolve the Kosovo crisis. The newspaper claims to have obtained the document through diplomatic channels. It is a ten-point plan proposal, with a prologue in which the parties state that they are aware of their responsibility for peacekeeping; that they are committed to contributing to fruitful regional cooperation and security in Europe; convinced of the inviolability of borders and respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as the defense of national minorities, as basic conditions for peace; respectful of historical facts and without prejudice to the different positions of the parties on basic issues, including that of status; with the desire that conditions be created for cooperation between the parties for the good of the people. The ten points of the agreement follow. Point one states that the parties develop normal good neighborly relations on the basis of equal rights, and that the two sides mutually recognize each other's relevant documents and national symbols, including passports, diplomas, license plates and customs stamps. Point two asserts that the two sides are guided by the principles enshrined in the UN Charter, particularly those on the sovereign rights of states, respect for their independence, autonomy and territorial integrity, the right to self-determination and the defense of human rights and non-discrimination. Point three states that, in line with the UN Charter, the parties undertake to resolve all bilateral disputes only by peaceful means, refraining from threats or the use of force. In point four, the two sides assume that neither can represent the other party in the international sphere or act on its behalf, with Serbia not opposing Kosovo's admission into any international organization.

Point five argues that the two sides will support their aspiration to become members of the European Union. Point six states that although this agreement is an important step toward normalization, the two sides will continue the EU-led dialogue process with new momentum, leading to a comprehensive legally binding agreement for normalization of relations. In the future, the sides will also strengthen cooperation in the fields of economy, science and technology, transportation and communications, justice, post and telecommunications, health, culture, religious faith, sports, environmental defense, search for the disappeared and others. In item seven it says that the parties are committed to achieving concrete understandings in line with the important instruments of the Council of Europe and taking advantage of existing European experiences in order to ensure an adequate level of self-government for the Serb Community in Kosovo. The parties at the same time will formalize the status of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo, ensuring a high level of protection for Serbian religious and cultural heritage, in line with existing European models. Item eight states that the parties will exchange permanent missions. Nine refers to the mutual acknowledgement of the commitment of the EU and other donors to create a special package of financial support for joint projects directed at economic development, communications, green transition, and other crucial areas. Under item ten, the parties pledge to form a joint commission, chaired by the EU, to oversee the implementation of this agreement, with the parties confirming their obligations in implementing all previous agreements. According to the newspaper, this would be the proposed agreement submitted to the Belgrade and Pristina leaderships by the mission of international envoys last Friday.

This text will evidently be dealt with by the Serbian government at its meeting tomorrow, which will also be attended by President Aleksandar Vucic. (ANSA).

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