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Italian Minister: we will not hand ourselves over to China

Starting with Trieste Port. We aim for Italian-European autonomy

27 October, 18:30
(ANSA) - ROME, 27 OTT - "If the Germans intend to do what they have announced, certainly we, being are more aware" (of the risks associated with China targeting strategic infrastructure, such as the port of Hamburg) "because we are the frontier in the Mediterranean, concerning this hegemonic project we will not follow them. We will not surrender to the Chinese." Italian Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, interviewed at the Hall of Justice, underlined answering a question about the possibility that the management of the Port of Trieste could also pass into Chinese hands as a direct consequence of the choices of Port of Hamburg, which is its shareholder.

More generally, Urso recalls his previously expressed position "on the dominance policy that China was carrying out or wanted to carry out through the 'Silk Road,'" a "titanic challenge that China has launched against the West," exacerbated just these days by political changes in China "with the choice of a new hierarchy that focuses on national security, social control rather than economic growth." Could the government use Golden Power over the port of Trieste? "That is a competence of Palazzo Chigi (the government, ed). I can say that our whole policy, including economic and productive policy, will ensure Italian and European strategic autonomy on all the supply chains that are important to keep decisions on the economic and productive development of our country and Europe in our hands. That is our policy. If others intend to move from dependence on energy to technological dependence or dependence to some commercial extent on China, we will not follow them on this path." (ANSA).

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