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Trieste Port President, Cosco in Hamburg port is not concern

'Nothing happens if the government does not want it.'

27 October, 13:22
(ANSA) - TRIESTE, OCT 27 - The news of Chinese giant Cosco's entry with a 24.9% stake in one of the terminals of the German port of Hamburg, announced yesterday, "is not a cause for concern. There are today all the instruments, both national and European and also German, to avert situations of control by anyone in the ports," in Germany as in Italy. Zeno D'Agostino, president of the Trieste Port Authority and head of the Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, said today on the program "Tutta la città ne parla" broadcast on Rai Radio 3.

And "nothing happens that is not wanted by a government, be it German rather than Italian, the citizens do not have to worry," D'Agostino added.

In Trieste, when the company Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) "gained 51% of one of the port terminals, was immediately subject to a 'golden power.' So there is a full consciousness of the Port Authority, which investigates the subjects that become dealers in the port or partners. Still, especially for a strategic terminal, the golden power comes into force, both for EU and non-EU subjects," D'Agostino pointed out. (ANSA).

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