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Mussolini's last natural child dies at 99

Elena Curti was with Il Duce on last fatal journey

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 18 - The last natural child of Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini has died aged 99, the Huffington Post reported Tuesday.
    Elena Curti died in her home at Acquapendente near Viterbo. She would have turned 100 on October 19.
    Curti was the daughter of Milanese seamstress Angela Cucciati, who had an affair with Mussolini in 1921, when he was th 38-year-old editor of the newspaper Il Popolo D'Italia.
    The pair met because she went to ask him to get her husband, a Fascist militant called Bruno Curti, out of prison.
    Elena Curti only learned Mussolini was her natural father when her mother told her when she turned 18.
    Mussolini wanted to meet her, and during the 1944-45 puppet Italian Social Republic of Salò he received her on a daily basis in the northern city.
    Mussolini's longtime mistress Claretta Petacci thought the blonde girl was another of her lover's many other flings and vainly asked him to send her away.
    On April 27 1945 she was sitting beside her father in the lorry taking him out of Italy in disguise before he was moved to a German truck where he was arrested and executed by partisans.
    For years she was the only living witness of those dramatic moments at Dongo.
    Petacci, who was also executed and strung up beside Mussolini in Milan, was in another car with her brother Marcello.
    The scene was reconstructed in Pasquale Squitieri's 1984 film Claretta.
    After WWII Curti emigrated to Spain and only came back to Italy around 20 years ago.
    She wrote a book of memoirs entitled The Three-Pointed Nail (2203). (ANSA).


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